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Most Common Botox Areas

The most popular injection location is the frown area. Patients often can’t help frowning as it is a natural movement that occurs while reading, talking or simply concentrating. This movement causes tension that may also cause headaches. When treated, about…

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My Eyes Drooped after Botox

Dr. Rajani shares that the FDA has approved 20 units of botox for the frontalis. He encourages an average neuromodulator dosing of 12 units injected in a “V” pattern, based on the patients personalized assessment. The forehead lifts the eyebrows…

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Flat Tummy with Threads!

The stomach can also be addressed with non-invasive procedures. As we age, the stomach changes. We can see abdominal changes due to stretching of this skin though pregnancy, weight loss or gain, hormonal changes and even smoking. PDO threads are…

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Top 3 Skin Killers

Look old - here's how.... Dr. Rajani discusses the top 3 skin killers that can effect all of us. The better prevention and care we take to our skin the more beneficial rejuvenating treatments can be! Sun can be a…

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Ski Jump Lips

Dr Rajani discusses lip fillers. Lip filling is one of the most common procedures performed for both young and older patients. Younger clientele wish larger and more shapely lips. As age progresses we also address lines and folds around the…

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