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A Free Gift Inside The Private Aesthetic Headquarters of RajaniMD

Hidden in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District is a true pearl: the unique, non-invasive aesthetic practice of Dr. Anil Rajani, MD. Your journey begins with a personal phone consultation with the doctor’s leading clinical advisor, who will schedule your appointment for a complimentary consultation. To ensure that you are fully informed before your visit, one or more brief informational videos will be made available to you. You will also be provided with the clinic’s private mobile number so that you can engage with Dr. Rajani’s personal staff via phone or text – 24/7.

No awkward, interminable waiting room lies in store for you. When you arrive at your consultation, the clinic’s doors are unlocked and you are welcomed by an elite member of Dr. Rajani’s team. You are privately escorted to a room where you may enjoy your choice of beverage, whether that’s a nonfat vanilla latte or a Toss sparkling water from Norway.

Your brief initial consultation will bring you face to face with Dr. Rajani’s lead assistant, with whom you first spoke on the phone. A state-of-the-art camera will be used to capture you in four sets of photos – a process that takes a mere five minutes before you meet the doctor himself, with a computer in hand. While you continue to sip your drink, your freshly taken images will be displayed on the room’s 52-inch monitor. Surprise – they’ve been synchronized into a three-dimensional representation!

Facial analysis via 3D technology is revolutionary, but RajaniMD is among very few aesthetic practices to offer it to patients. Rather than viewing your face from one or two angles, the doctor is able to rotate your image and zoom in and out as he discusses the aging process with you. This facial evaluation is essential to understanding your concerns and the means to resolve them.

Many practices only offer a single type of filler, such as Restylane, or neuromodulator, such as Botox. As an international trainer for leading pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Rajani has expertise with all of the available tools at the forefront of the aesthetic industry. Typically, you will be provided with several options, often differentiated by the length of their effects’ duration.   Any questions you may have are welcomed by the doctor, and if you choose to proceed, your appointment can be scheduled immediately following the consultation – up to and including same-day treatment.

Your injectable procedure will always be undertaken by Dr. Rajani himself or his highly qualified trained registered nurse, whereas at other clinics, you might be shuffled between a handful of assistants with little or no medical education.   A custom topical agent will numb the area of concern for five minutes before your treatment to ensure minimal discomfort. Good news – you can also look forward to little to no bruising! Dr. Rajani is a foremost practitioner of the micro-cannula injection technique, popular in Europe but rare in the States because of its complexity. This technique often requires less product to be injected than traditional injection techniques, meaning that Dr. Rajani’s skill ends up saving on costs – a bonus you perhaps didn’t expect due to the natural, long-lasting results you have been assured will be yours.

Within moments of finishing with your treatment, the doctor will hand you a mirror. Within a few short minutes, you will have achieved a soft, subtle change in your look. You are refreshed, awake, and natural, with fine lines and wrinkles blurred and smoothed. You will find that with the doctor’s help, you have turned back the clock five or even ten years! Your follow-up appointment and checkout are conducted in the same private room. You will be shown out and presented with a small bag of complimentary RajaniMD Prescription Grade skin care products and further information of your treatment.

Whether you have explored aesthetic treatments in the past or this is your first time, the RajaniMD experience is like no other. It’s little wonder, you may think, that you’ve never seen the doctor on television, or on a billboard, or heard an advertisement over the radio – the clinic’s business is all word-of-mouth and its patients’ results speak for themselves. In fact, you’re ready to tell your best friends about the pearl in the Pearl.

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