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08Nov 18

Botox Forehead Dilemma Explained

Botox or Dysport injected into the Frontalis is a commonly requested procedure and is the number two reason why patients will call back into the clinic with concerns. Often, mistakes…

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23Oct 18

Most Common Botox Areas

The most popular injection location is the frown area. Patients often can’t help frowning as it is a natural movement that occurs while reading, talking or simply concentrating. This movement…

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17Oct 18

Can I Botox my Forehead Only?

Dr. Rajani answers the question, “Can Botox or Dysport be used to treat ONLY the forehead?” The doctor advises against this. The best treatment option is to treat not only…

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08Sep 18

The Eye Lift with Botox or Dysport

The brow lift is frequently confused by patients. Patients who want their eyes lifted, also known as a brow lift, often ask for their forehead to be injected. If the…

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23Aug 18

My Eyes Drooped after Botox

Dr. Rajani shares that the FDA has approved 20 units of botox for the frontalis. He encourages an average neuromodulator dosing of 12 units injected in a “V” pattern, based…

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26Jul 18

RaJAWvenation Explained

The Jawline is the theme for this year and Rajawvenation is popular for Dr Rajani and his patients. Here we explain Radiesse to strengthen and balance the jawline as well…

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14Jun 18

Flat Tummy with Threads!

The stomach can also be addressed with non-invasive procedures. As we age, the stomach changes. We can see abdominal changes due to stretching of this skin though pregnancy, weight loss…

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17May 18

Top 3 Skin Killers

Look old - here's how.... Dr. Rajani discusses the top 3 skin killers that can effect all of us. The better prevention and care we take to our skin the…

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04May 18

Ski Jump Lips

Dr Rajani discusses lip fillers. Lip filling is one of the most common procedures performed for both young and older patients. Younger clientele wish larger and more shapely lips. As…

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19Apr 18

Your Friends Treatment

Dr Rajani discusses the phenomena of friends and family presenting to clinics requesting similar services. Each person has different needs based on their skin, tone, type and goals. It is…

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13Apr 18

The Entire Face

In our latest video Dr Rajani discusses treatments for the entire face. Addressing just cheeks, just eyes or injecting lips alone can lead to unusual and unpleasing aesthetic results. Most…

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