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19Apr 16

Sculptra Award Presented to Dr. Rajani

Dr Rajani has been honored as a Top 100 volume injector for Sculptra® Aesthetic. Along with his staff, Dr. Rajani would like to thank his patients for the continued support they have…

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07Apr 16

Enhance your lips without needles

Increased lip size and fullness is something that appeals to all ages. However, lip injections is not necessarily something that appeals to everyone. Dr. Rajani now offers a non surgical…

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29Mar 16

Wasted –1 Vial of Dermal Filler

See what 1 vial of dermal filler really looks like in comparison to a teaspoon In the aesthetic world, patients have become so accustomed to hearing people say things like,…

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11Feb 16

Botox Injected in the Lower Face

In his new video, Dr. Rajani talks about the benefits of Botox being injected into the lower face. After, see him inject! --Dr. Rajani likes to address the downturn of…

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17Jan 16

The Skin Tightening Myth

People often express that they are not satisfied with the results they see from skin tightening device procedures alone. The issue is that not device itself, however but that fact…

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