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11Feb 16

Botox Injected in the Lower Face

In his new video, Dr. Rajani talks about the benefits of Botox being injected into the lower face. After, see him inject! --Dr. Rajani likes to address the downturn of…

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17Jan 16

The Skin Tightening Myth

People often express that they are not satisfied with the results they see from skin tightening device procedures alone. The issue is that not device itself, however but that fact…

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25Nov 15

Thanksgiving Happy Foods

  5 Foods That Make You Feel Even Happier on Thanksgiving! Celebrity nutritionist Paula Simpson gives us the break down of what foods we can be consuming to help boost…

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14Nov 15

The Natural Look

No one wants to look over done or fake, a more natural approach is done by injecting the temple region with long term fillers such as Sculptra or Artefill as…

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26Oct 15

Dr. Rajani Featured in The Aesthetic Guide

CoolSculpting is the number one most preformed non-invasive body sculpting procedure worldwide with Dr. Rajani giving it the gold standard. Check out the article CoolSculpting  Appeal Proliferate in this months…

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