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06Aug 14

Botox: The Fears Versus The Facts

Despite all the speculation about “Botoxed celebrities” and the stigma attached to “who’s done what,” in reality only 5% of patients looking to treat crow’s feet, laugh lines, or forehead…

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08Jul 14

Dr. Rajani Takes Off to Vegas….

Lectures and Hands-On Training with Dr. Rajani at THE Aesthetic Show™ Dr. Anil Rajani, M.D. will be a prominent contributor at THE Aesthetic Show™, to be held July 10-13 at…

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04Jul 14

The Cellulite Solution

Dr. Rajani explains the increasing issue woman have with cellulite. Over 90% of woman get cellulite - even skinny gals.  Now Dr. Rajani from Portland, Oregon gives us the answers…

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25Jan 14

A Familiar Face in Las Vegas

DR RAJANI RUNS INTO KHLOE KARDASHIAN In Las Vegas in January to attend a conference (or should that be “Konference?”), Dr. Rajani ran across a familiar friendly face: Khloe Kardashian. …

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