Botox /Dysport


Both Botox made by Allegran or Dysport made by Galderma works best on dynamic wrinkles or folds that are caused by muscle movement. When you raise your eyebrows, frown, smile or scrunch your facial muscles you cause dynamic movement that creates wrinkles. Even lip lines are partially caused by muscle movement. Botox injections at RajaniMD will help minimize your ability to move muscles thereby softening and flattening these dynamic wrinkles.

Botox and Dysport have been used for treatment of the glabellar (“11”) lines between the brows, crowsfeet, forehead lines, lip lines, wrinkled chins, neck bands, excessive sweating in the axilla, hands and feet, plus a multitude of medical applications from headaches to cerebal palsy for years.

Botox Cosmetic® and Galderma Dysport are a series of tiny injections to the area where the movement/wrinkles occur. Treatments take only a few minutes out of your day and are performed in the office with topical anesthesia and ice if desired. Results will become visible in about a week and last for 3-6 months for most people.

While Botox Cosmetic® and Dysport are FDA approved for use in the United States, there have been other forms of botulinum toxin imported into the country that can cause severe health issues. It is recommended that injections be performed in a licensed medical facility by an experienced physician  for your safety and to guarantee you get what you pay for!

Botox and Dysport can be combined with fillers for an ever better, longer lasting result in areas where you have deep skin folds due to volume loss.

Why Botox and Dysport

  • Excellent Safety profile with hundreds of peer reviewed articles proving its safety
  • Dramatic yet natural looking results
  • Prevents future lines and folds
  • Quick in office procedure

Why Dr Rajani

  • 12 years of experience treating thousands of patients
  • Injections only performed by the Doctor
  • Consistent natural looking results
  • FDA approved Allergan and Galderma products guaranteed
  • Dr Rajani is a national trainer for Allergan the makers of Botox
  • Dr Rajani is a national trainer for Galderman the makers of Dysport
  • No consult fee or minimum unit fees charged
  • Competitive pricing


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