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Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr Rajani injects Sculptra by Galderma along with PDO threads by NovaThreads to elevate and shape the butt.  Brazilian butt lifts are very popular now in North America. Fat transfer to the butt and buttocks is most common along with implants. Some people do not want implants and do not have the fat to move from the body to the butt region. Many people want minimally invasive and don’t wish the downtime or risks associated with surgical butt lift procedures. Sculptra combined with PDO threads gives another option in these cases. Sculptra works great on the body and on the face. Cellulite can be treated at the same time.  The non-surgical Butt Lift is often used in combination with PlasmaSculpt.

Dr. Rajani works with his patients over multiple visits to achieve these surgical like natural results. A patient typically spends between $3,999 to $21,999 depending on the results desired. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment during our extensive, private office hours.

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Botox Video

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