Non-Surgical Liposuction

Now Offering DualSculpting! Remove Twice the FAT in Half the Time!

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Do you have stubborn fat that just won’t go away no matter how much diet and exercise? How about an hour per area to freeze and permanently kill 20 to 25 percent of the fat cells treated without any surgery?! The new CoolSculpting procedure suctions the tissue of your tummy, love handles, inner thighs, lateral hips etc into a cooling chamber where the fat is “frozen”, while protecting the skin, blood vessels and nerves.

Each treatment area takes just one hour and you can watch the big screen TV or surf our High Speed Internet while you freeze those stubborn fat cells permanently from your body. After the treatment, you can immediately resume your usual activities, good diet and exercise and wait for your body to absorb the treated fat cells over several months. The is no downtime, no needles, no surgery. Areas where you desire further result can be treated again at a reduced cost. How COOL is that?

Why Coolsculpting is Perfect for You?

  • Invented at Harvard and Proven by Science
  • Minimal Downtime
  • No Needles or Cutting
  • Resume all Activities the Same Day
  • Areas can be re-treated for even more fat reduction if desired

Why Dr Rajani and his expert CoolSculpting team?

  • Performed more CoolSculpting Treatments than anyone in Oregon and Washington
  • Only MedSpa to have 2 CoolSculpting Machines in Oregon
  • Only CoolSculpting Center in Oregon to have ALL the treatment applicators
  • Advanced Trained – Crystal Preferred Zeltiq Facility
  • Dr Rajani travels around the country and has collectively brought the best ideas in advanced coolsculpting techniques to his studio
  • Morning, evening, weekend appointments
  • Treat to Complete RajaniMD rewards Program available
  • Convenient Financing
  • Concierge Service

DualSculpting….Oregon’s #1 CoolSculpting Center

Coolsculpting Consult….with Dr Rajani in Portland

Coolsculpting-What Results Can I Expect-Dr Rajani-Portland Oregon

What Areas Can be Treated with Coolsculpting by Zeltiq–RajaniMD

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