Non-Surgical Neck LIFT

Defy Gravity, Age and Genetics with a Proven Solution!

free skin care with your non-surgical necklift at RajaniMD Portland, Oregon


As we get older, fat deposits and wrinkles accumulate around the neck. Our skin loses tone and begins to sag. Sometimes we might even reference ourselves as a turkey gobblers – the result of the muscles in the neck (platysma) sagging and separating in the midline. Thanks to the elasticity of our skin, sagging skin in the neck can be corrected.  

The RajaniMD neckLIFT – Dr. Rajani’s signature mulit-faceted non-surgical neck lift – gently pulls back the skin and tightens loose muscles around the neck. Sagging jowls, loose neck skin and fat accumulation under the chin is corrected during each treatment process. The fat is broken up and removed naturally as well the sagging skin tightens and lines soften providing a wonderful youthful, more natural profile.

Why a Non-Surgical Neck Lift is Perfect for You?

  • Results after Only One Treatment
  • Clinical Studies show reduction in jowls
  • Research Shows Significant Improvement in Jaw-line Definition
  • No Downtime
  • No Needles or Cutting
  • Resume all Activities the Same Day
  • Areas can be Re-treated for Even Better Results

Why Dr Rajani and his expert team?

  • He has been an early adapter of the this trend collaborating with other doctors and plastic surgeons
  • Dr Rajani travels around the country and has collectively brought the best techniques to his studio
  • Morning, evening, weekend appointments
  • Treat to Complete RajaniMD rewards Program available
  • Convenient Financing
  • Concierge Service

The neckLIFT Before and Afters!

Non Surgical Neck Lift, Rajani, Oregon, Turkey Neck, Portland


Neck Lift Portland Oregon



Neck Lift Before and After



 Nonsurgical Neck Lift Portland Oregon

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