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Under Eye

The under eye area, or often called “tear trough”, is the first to age most people. We use multiple techniques at our practice and the choice often depends on skin damage, skin texture, bony changes and fat pad herniation. This a complex area with thin skin and a dynamic component. Injectors want to learn more about perfecting and treating it and patients seek the perfect under eye look by the scores. It is one of the most challenging areas that needs caution, experience and in many cases surgery to improve.

In most cases, we start with PRF injections and may add HA fillers under the eye if needed. Hyaluronic acid by nature attracts water which is an issue under the eye and leads to a fake look. The choice of filler is paramount. Cost of addressing the under eye varies between $899 to $2,499 and typically takes one to two sessions to achieve best results. Yearly maintenance is recommended.

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PRF Under Eye Video
PRF Under Eye Video
PRF Under Eye Video
PRF Under Eye Video
PRF Video
PRF Video


12-18 months

Recovery Time
1-4 days

Treatment Time
60 minutes

Estimated Price

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