4 Ways to Save

Here are RajaniMD, we value each and every patient.
Dr. Rajani and team are thrilled to reward you with an easy way to save money on services and RajaniMD Prescription Grade Skin Care.

Here are four great ways to save money…

1. Volunteer To Be A Patient Via Dr. Rajani’s Training
Dr. Rajani is a lead trainer for Allergan, the owner’s of Botox and Juvederm as well as Suneva, the owner’s of Artefill.  From time to time, he needs patients to help with his training of other physician’s and plastic surgeons. Please note, all injections will always be administered by Dr. Rajani. 

2. RajaniMD Rewards Program
You can earn points several ways that can be redeemed for any of our aesthetic services or RajaniMD Prescription Grade Skin Care. 

3. Brilliant Distinctions Program
Become a member of the Brilliant Distinctions Program, and receive savings on on BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments, Juvederm and Latisse. 

4. R Mobile
Want to get instant notification when we’re having on savings we pass on from one of our vendors or limited product giveaways? Stay connected with R Mobile.

S K I N   C A R E   L I N E

F A T   R E M O V A L   C L I N I C