RajaniMD Rewards

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We value you!

We want to reward you with an easy way to earn points and save money on our treatments and products.


1. Simply join RajaniMD Rewards Program. Sign up online below we’ll start you off with 200 points immediately! You will receive a RajaniMD Rewards card with your own unique number.

2. Every time you come for a visit with Dr. Rajani and receive a treatment, you will earn 1 RajaniMD Reward point for each $1 you spend. Don’t worry if you forget your RajaniMD Reward card, we have your number on file.

3. We appreciate the value of your trust in us and would like to thank you for the referrals of friends and family – you will automatically earn 500 RajaniMD Reward points.

4. If you visit us during your Birthday Month, we will issue you an extra 100 RajaniMD Reward points.

5. When you purchase a Gift Certificate for a friend, we will issue DOUBLE the amount of the certificate.


You need a minimum of 2,000 points to redeem your RajaniMD Reward points. Here’s what the points are worth:

2,000 points   $100

3,000 points   $150

5,000 points   $250

7,500 points   $375

10,000 points $500

15,000 points $750

20,000 points $1,000

Once you’ve reached the 2000 point level, you have the opportunity to use your points toward the service of your choice. You do not need to have the full amount of points to cover the service; points can be put toward any treatment and you can simply pay the balance. Your points will be deducted at the time of your treatment.

RajaniMD Reward Points will expire after an twenty-four month period.
If you would like to know your current balance, or the date of your last treatment, simply call the RajaniMD practice at 503.303.8313 or send us an email at experts@rajanimd.com

RajaniMD Reward Points / The Fine Print
Members earn 1 RajaniMD Reward Points for every $1 spent on any service or RajaniMD prescription grade skin care products.

RajaniMD VIP Reward Points cannot be transferred to another individual.

RajaniMD VIP Reward Points are non-transferable and have no cash value.

RajaniMD Reward Points will expire after a twenty-four month period.

RajaniMD Reward Points starts October 1st, 2013

RajaniMD Reward Points are not accumulated with purchases using Care Credit.

RajaniMD and/or Dr. Rajani reserve the right to terminate RajaniMD Rewards Points or to change these Terms and Conditions at any time with or without notice. RajaniMD and/or Dr. Rajani will have final decision should any disputes over RajaniMD Rewards Points or the awarding of points arise.

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