Beautiful Cheeks in A Tube

Amazing runway model cheeks are a symbol of youthful beauty that complement the eye region and lips. A hint of lipstick on the lips can work wonders to bring out the color of one’s eyes, in a similar way a tube of Bellafill or Voluma highlights bone structure and flatters in the most whispering way. Dr. Anil Rajani discusses the way cheeks can be augmented or restored creating a nice lift using a variety of facial filler injectables including Bellafill (formerly Artefill) or Voluma in some instances. Facial angles are sculpted and restored with surprisingly minimal discomfort experienced due to his master injector techniques.

Long-lasting results, little to no down- time, and incredible enhancement of your unique natural beauty in one tube! Rajani MD is located in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon where Dr. Anil Rajani offers quality complimentary consultations using state of the art 3D technology.His signature artistry will help you to maximize and restore your uniquely natural looks.

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