Dr Rajani had The Honor of Opening The Show at The National Society Cosmetic Physicians Conference at The Cosmo Vegas

NSOCP Audience


Dr. Rajani was honored to be both a presenter and faculty member at the National Society of Cosmetic Physicians conference this Fall in Las Vegas.

The National Society of Cosmetic Physicians is the largest society dedicated to teaching the elective procedures to all licensed physicians. Held at the prestigious Cosmopolitan, this 5-day conference covered a plethora of topics and elective office-based procedures. Along with many international renowned doctors, Dr. Rajani spoke on the importance of facial fillers, 3d Volumization  and expanding injectable services to match patient’s needs. He also  provided  instruction in accredited workshops to learn about the wide range of new procedures and sat on a Q and A advisory panel for practice management with 2 other selected physicians.

Dr. Rajani’s next stop ???… Stay tuned. 

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