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What is PRF?

PRF also known as Platelet Rich Fibrin is amazing technology that can be used for several different treatments. Some great procedures such as microneedle facials, under eye rejuvenation, Plasmasculpt and Plasmalip, a natural lip enhancement done with the Dermasculpt Microcannula all use PRF. PRF is a great treatment for both our younger patients who desire the look of fuller, more vibrant features and our more mature patients who are looking to restore volume and reduce the appearance of lines along the lip and eye region. Dermal fillers alone are used to simply inflate the area and tend to make movement look unnatural. PRF uses a unique fibrin clot technology from your body’s very own growth factors in your blood to stimulate a youthful look around the eyes, mouth and lips. PRF can improve existing youthful fat, reduce appearance of dark circles and stimulate healthy skin over time. Our procedures use Dermasculpt microcannulas for a safer and more comfortable experience. PRF is perfect for patients who are looking for a natural and gradual result over time.

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