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Most Common Botox Areas

The most popular injection location is the frown area. Patients often can’t help frowning as it is a natural movement that occurs while reading, talking or simply concentrating. This movement causes tension that may also cause headaches. When treated, about a 1mm lift will occur in the eye region that will make the eye look open, rested and awake. Next is the forehead, which may or may not be treated depending on the descent of tissues or an already heavy eyelid. A soft dose may be encouraged. Following are the eyes, referring to the crow’s feet. Next would be the Periorbital region (LIP, DAO, CHIN) and lastly the neck/platysmal bands. The neck is the last commonly treated area because it is more expensive with variable results. In order the most commonly treated areas are the frown, forehead, crow’s feet, lip, DAO, chin, and neck/platysmal bands.

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