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3 Foods That Should Be Banned


Unavailability of food has taken the shape of crisis in some parts of the world. The scarcity is not only affecting children but adults as well. On the one hand, famine is affecting some parts of the world; the available food in the rest of the world isn’t all good. Hormones, GMO s, pesticides, food coloring, and many other factors have adversely affected human health. People do not look like they did even 25 years ago. Our body habitus has drastically changed for the worse. Forget looking younger, as this is about survival and taking care of a basic function—eating.

Here are 3 foods that should be banned and have been banned in many parts of the world and for the right reasons discussed below.

Farm Fish
Large-scale fish farming has become widespread because of the monetary benefits it offers but is it good for your health? The answer is NO. The fish we get from farms is rich in inflammation-causing Omega-6, which can cause cancer, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and arthritis. To prevent infections in the crowded pond environment, these fish are treated with antibiotics. The bacteria become resistant to these antibiotics resulting in serious infectious diseases. Above all, farm-raised fish is has 20% less protein than wild fish. So, don’t get fooled by “Atlantic Salmon” unless you caught it yourself.

WHO urged all the countries to ban foods that contained trans fats. Margarine is one of the foods that have been banned in various countries because of its rich trans-fat content. Trans fat is considered the worst kind of dietary fat. They have no known health benefits and are not safe for consumption. Margarine contains trans fats, which increase LDL (bad) cholesterol and decrease HDL (good) cholesterol in the body. Increased cholesterol levels mean higher chances of getting a heart attack. This artery-clogging fat is a silent killer of half a million people every year. Trans fats increase blood insulin levels which increases the risk for diabetes. It also affects the supply of breast milk in lactating mothers. Trans fats also affect the body’s immune system. So, if you are transferring to a healthier lifestyle, say NO to margarine.

You are what you eat, and rightly so because it is the food that makes your habitus. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Many crops, fruits, and vegetables that hit the markets today are genetically modified. This is very unfortunate as GMOs are very harmful to human health. Although GMOs are easier to grow and cost-effective for farmers, they pose serious health risks. Engineered DNA can trigger allergic reactions, increase antibiotic resistance, accelerate aging, faulty insulin regulation, and infertility.

Wrapping Up
You need to be very careful about what you eat. That is why food safety bodies worldwide are getting stricter about standards and the quality of food. In addition, research has proved that certain foods are dangerous and can be life-threatening if consumed. So, before buying or eating anything, check the ingredients or check the internet.

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