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5 Ways to Avoid Puffiness and Pillow Face

Face and dermal fillers are very popular treatments to help improve your look and confidence; however, there are some situations where they can look puffy or create an effect often referred to as “pillow face.” This can happen more often with people who have a rounder face shape. However, there are a number of ways to prevent puffiness and pillow face. Here are five important tips.

Avoid Too Much Filler
Dermal fillers are a convenient plastic surgery technique that is great for wrinkle treatment. However, one problem that can occur is referring too much hyaluronic acid filler. This is the most popular type of filler; however, using too much can cause excess puffiness.

This is because hyaluronic acid draws water in which creates a puffy look. Additionally, this type of acid lasts a long time in the body and can build up over time. While they can be dissolved, you don’t want to use too many of them at once or over time.

Embrace Devices
One of the lesser utilized techniques for promoting healthy skin and wrinkle treatment is the use of different devices. There are a number of devices including high frequency ultrasound, radio frequency, and carbon dioxide lasers that can help build collagen and promote healthier skin.

The great things about these types of devices are that they build collagen, tighten the skin, increase your glow, and decrease brown spots. Thus, these types of devices can be excellent treatments that can improve your facial health without the need for dermal fillers and should definitely be explored as options.

Embrace PDO Threads
PDO threads are a plastic surgery treatment technique that are able to build collagen without adding much volume to the face. Thus, these techniques can improve your facial health and provide healthy skin without changing the shape of your face.

These injections as well as biostimulators such as Sculptra, Plasma Sculpt, and platelet-rich fibrin are all natural treatments that help build collagen by leveraging your own body without attracting water and altering the shape of your face.

Pay Attention to Angles
One of the most important things is to consider angles when you are assessing a potential treatment. A consult should assess your facial angles and proportions. This is something that you should pay attention to as well as something your doctor should also put a lot of effort into.

Volumizing the face alone is not enough to life. You must also create optimal angles. Thus, any consultation should discuss this aspect of the process. Volumizing without considering angles can serve to create puffiness by blunting important angles for beauty such as the cheekbone.

Practice Skin Care at Home
There are many things that you can do at home in order to prevent puffiness and pillow face. Paying attention to how you sleep can help as sleeping on your back or using an elevated pillow can prevent pillow face and excessive wrinkles.

Additionally, taking care of your skin by wearing sunscreen can be helpful in preventing damage. Meanwhile, using skin care products with large amounts of microalgae, superfruits, or peptides can provide firmness and repair.

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