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When it comes to facial rejuvenation, not everyone wants or can afford a facelift. Enter fillers, the popular go-to option for many. However, the rise of biostimulators has plastic surgeons feeling uneasy. With patients opting for biostimulators and postponing or bypassing facelifts altogether, the conversation around these treatments has become quite divisive. Surgeons who aren’t trained in administering Sculptra, a leading biostimulator, have raised concerns about scar tissue formation and the inability to undergo a facelift later on.

So, let’s address these concerns head-on. Does Sculptra create scar tissue? Can you still get a facelift after Sculptra treatment? And, for those interested in facelifts, how much does the procedure cost? To find out all the answers and more, watch today’s video.

Join us as we take an in-depth look at Sculptra vs. face fillers, and explore the potential of biostimulators in achieving a youthful appearance without surgery. Don’t miss out – make it an amazing day and enjoy the video!

Stay tuned and stay fabulous.

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