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Eye Wrinkle Treatment – All Natural Under Eye Filler

All Natural Under Eye Treatment

The under eyes are among the first areas to show age because skin is thinner. With thinner skin come fine lines and wrinkles, and pigmentation.  The eye anatomy is complex and we have fat pads above and below. The fads pads can herniate to give a under eye baggy look, or creates a hollowing look. This can occur overtime and can also have a genetic component. Everyone’s anatomy is different which also means different treatment.

Many want that upturn eye of 4 degrees which is youthful and creates the cat eye look. As we age our bones changes to fight this, hollows start to occur and the eye socket rotates and will tilt the wrong way in the aging eye.  When lifting the eye, think about recreating bone loss. To do this, addressing the temples and neuromodulators will help to crate youth by lifting the muscles. Many people want a natural fix, don’t want Botox like products, or don’t want fillers. Permanent fillers should never be used around the eye.  Dr. Rajani discusses natural ways to improve the under eye:

Natural under eye fixes without injections

1. RF energy or Radiofrequency– by using RF, you can build collagen, improve the skin, and create a lifting effect and tightening. No injections are needed. In bipolar RF, energy passes through 2 electrodes. Viora is particularly good for the eye and is a natural fix because it uses bipolar radiofrequency. By changing frequency, we can ensure its strong energy but superficial. That’s what allows us to do Plump RF or Plasmalip.  Around the lip, eye, and forehead, we do not have much fat around those areas and fat is youth in the face so preserving is key. We can also use RF energy to rejuvenate around the eye in a fractionated form. It resurfaces and can be used for all skin types. RF builds collagen and tightens, and fractionated form resurfaces. You get an overall glow, skin tightening, and rejuvenation of the eye. Both types of treatment, RF and fractionated can be combined.

2. PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin)– PRF is a very natural treatment as it uses your own body’s product and it also works with the RF. Fibrin is the key part of this treatment. With PRF Under eye, we take your blood, spin it down with no additives like heparin, and spin it at a slow speed. We end up with a milieu of healing factors and white blood cells, and a fibrin clot forms. There is a small 17-minute window to inject for this treatment. This treatment is done using a 25-gauge cannula, which helps to avoid intravascular complications.  Post treatment, a baggy eye can be expected because of the fibrin clot but you may also see slight pluming and rejuvenation. HA fillers are not typically used as first line treatment for under eye because it draws water and creates an unnatural look.

So many options available for under eye rejuvenation that is natural. Radiofrequency, Fractionated RF, and PRF. Using sunscreen, HA serums, antioxidants, sunglasses, and vitamin C will also help with the process to prevent under eye aging.

PRF Under Eye Specials

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When can I come in for my PRF Under Eye injections?

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