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Botox-100 Units An Average Dose

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are neuromodulators available for use.
When treating with Botox, 100 units is now the normal dose and it is a common dosing for people walking into our clinic.

Botox treatments have evolved from 25 units in the frown to full face treatments and with higher dosing that creates longer lasting results. Longevity of duration is sought after for both fillers and neuromodulators.

The purpose of Botox is to give a youthful, refreshed look by slowing down muscle movement. With the multiple areas that may be treated with Botox, we can now create an individualized treatment plan to address numerous areas of the face. It is not unusual when treating multiple areas to have an average of 100 units.

Common areas to be treated with the average dosing of those areas include:
• Forehead (15 units)
• Frown lines (25 units)
• Around the eyes or “crows feet” (24 units)
• Lips (6 units)
• Depressor Anguli Oris (6 units)
• Eyebrow lift (6 units)
• Nasal lines or “bunnies” (6 units)
• Neck (18 units)
• Masseters
• Scalp
• Underarms and much more

The lower face is a favorite to be treated by our clients as it is cost effective. Especially in women, the lower face ages quickly so we find the majority of our patients treating both upper and lower face in unison.

Micro Botox, Microtox or Meso Botox is also being talked about frequently. This treatment allows for reduction of fine lines, pores, oily skin and facial lines in specific areas.

Treating the upper and lower face along with micro dosing Botox allows for the youthful, refreshed look our patients desire and creates the average for the 100 unit face.

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