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Botox Forehead Dilemma Explained

Botox or Dysport injected into the Frontalis is a commonly requested procedure and is the number two reason why patients will call back into the clinic with concerns. Often, mistakes are made when a “cookie cutter” injection pattern is applied. To prevent this, an experienced injector assess the vertical lines created by the frontalis to determine movement. This allows he or she to personalize the neuromodulator treatment. Symmetry is desirable and if the patient presents asymmetry, for example if the brow is uneven or there is more movement present on the right side, slightly increase the neuromodulator units only on their right side. Educating the patient that the frontalis works statically and lifts, and the only result of injecting the forehead is a drop. Patients should understand the risks associated with injecting neuromodulators in the forehead and assess for asymmetry that can be adjusted with botox.

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