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Botox Gone Wrong

Botox Dirty Little Secret

Dr. Rajani discusses Botox and the dirty little secret it has. Botox stops muscle movement and stops the contraction of muscles. If done successfully, a good response to Botox or Botox like products like Dysport or Jeuveau is 70%-80% reduction of movement in a given dose. At least 20% of movement after treatment is very normal and expected. The remainder of movement can cause many lines because Botox simply does not build collagen. Collagen is lost, while Botox works. There is a false sense of security in the muscle relaxation causing a reduction in lines, yet collagen depletion continues. Overtime, the tissue becomes lax and there is no support to accept the lack of muscle movement.

Botox can help with wrinkle reduction, but only masks the problem, which is to build collagen that we lose overtime. One of the most important things we can do to help our skin as we age is to be more aware and start collagen building early with treatments like Plasmasculpt, PlasmaGlo, Radiofrequency, and topical Retin-A. Botox does not build beautiful, healthy, vibrant looking skin. When we partake in more collagen building for our skin our need for other treatments greatly reduce.

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