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Botox Injected in the Lower Face

In his new video, Dr. Rajani talks about the benefits of Botox being injected into the lower face. After, see him inject!

–Dr. Rajani likes to address the downturn of the mouth. Over time as we age, the muscles around the mouth begin to turn it down and create an unwanted permanent facial expression. Treating this area with Botox is a very cost-effective solution for patients.

–The dreaded vertical lip lines, or smoker’s lines. These lines form in many lengths and depths because of the movements of the mouth. It can be very difficult to control their appearance once they are there. If possible, treat them early at the first sign because they are ultimately unavoidable, even if a person has never smoked. As Dr. Rajani always says, “Prevention is always better than a cure”.

Botox injection’s efficacy and safety rely solely on the injector. Dr. Rajani is a master injector and elite trainer for Allergan Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Botox.

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