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Botox: The Fears Versus The Facts

Despite all the speculation about “Botoxed celebrities” and the stigma attached to “who’s done what,” in reality only 5% of patients looking to treat crow’s feet, laugh lines, or forehead creasing opt to pursue this safe and effective treatment. Fears about the product largely stem from misconceptions about what Botox is and how it is best used.

Simply put, Botox injections and its fellow neuromodulators Dysport and Xeomin are the most widely studied options to smooth facial folds and prevent further creasing. These reconstituted natural proteins gently decrease muscle overactivity that can result in fine lines and wrinkles as the skin loses collagen as part of the aging process. The results are subtle yet substantial – in the hands of a skilled practitioner, patients need not fear looking “frozen” as a result of treatment.

Comprehensive and peer-reviewed scientific studies support neuromodulators as safe, effective treatments for patients concerned with dermal signs of aging. When combined with microfacials or peels designed to boost collagen production (and a skin care regimen that protects collagen by avoiding UV exposure and smoking) Botox treatments can be a powerful tool in maintaining a youthful look. Far from being a risky or last-ditch option, it is in fact among the best-researched treatments available.

At RajaniMD, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the best options for you. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a free consultation. Our Botox is always $10 a unit and always injected by Dr. Rajani and no one else! You can reach us at 503.313.8313

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