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Can I Botox my Forehead Only?

Dr. Rajani answers the question, “Can Botox or Dysport be used to treat ONLY the forehead?” The doctor advises against this. The best treatment option is to treat not only the forehead, but to include a brow lift as well as the frown area. Average units for these areas are frown (20 units), forehead (12 units), and brow lift (3-5 units). This entire complex is treated at once to prevent incongruity of affect or an imbalance of lift and fall. Results and dosage/pattern may differ with each visit depending on time between visits and the patients age. The bodies response to neuromodulators also changes and varies. Over time the skin above eye loses elasticity as well, affecting the dose and pattern. Treat the entire complex and know that dosage/pattern may change with each visit.

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