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Ceramides for Your Skin Care Routine

When speaking of skincare routine, each skin layer requires special treatment before you hit your 30s. While Ceramides protect the outer layer of skin, giving a plump, fresh, and healthy outlook.

These naturally occurring old-fashioned fats (Ceramides) have been well-researched as they are good at treating various skin conditions. The studies also reveal its benefit on anti-ageing as it reduces wrinkles and tightens skin.

What are Ceramides? How It Works!
Ceramides seal the cracks of an outermost layer of skin (Stratum Corneum barrier) by providing a fatty layer to lock its moisture. As we start getting older, this layer produces less healthy fats essential for your skin_ and here Ceramides comes to the rescue.

Calling them moisture magnets, they create a healthy barrier to fight off bad barriers of skin. These Ceramides are found in almost every moisturizer. That is why moisturizing is considered a critical step that protects your overall skin.

Do I Really Need Ceramide For Skin Care Routine?
When your skin gets dry or contracts conditions like eczema, rosacea, and acne, it is primarily due to low levels of Ceramides. While you may be using hyaluronic acid serum, you still need a moisturizer to lock its effect.

As you age, your skin starts to lose elasticity and gets thinner, resulting in fine lines. So, it is vital to provide your skin with the main ingredient_ Ceramide, for giving you the right choice of Skin Care.

Also, treating your skin with aggressive treatments like CO2 lasers or fractional lasers only disrupts the final skin layer. So, it gets necessary to build back the healthy barrier of Ceramide for a good cause.

Remember that getting short of natural Ceramides is an opportunity for seasonal dryness that gives your skin a more challenging time.

Should I Choose to Use Ceramides?
As long as you keep your skin moisturized, you are good at providing your skin with the desired protection of a healthy fat barrier. You should consider using RAJANI MD, Ultra Moisturizer. Although it has no Ceramide content, its ingredients ensure you get rid of the fine lines providing the elasticity for a happy face.

With so many skin beauty products, each person has a specific collection. So, here is a list of affordable skincare products containing Ceramides that have been proven beneficial for sensitive skin.

  • 1.The Inkey List_ Ceramide Night Cream: This light-weighted cream contains hyaluronic acid that you can add to the collection of peptide moisturizers, Retinol Cream and Ante AGE growth factor.
  • Add this cream as the last step to your night skincare routine. Why do people choose it? Its lightness makes it sit gently on the face and avoids acne formation. Also, most people use it in combination with retinoid cream for acne control.
  • 2.La ROCHE POSAY_ Double Repair Face Moisturizer: It contains NIACINAMIDE that goes well with the combination of other products like hyaluronic acid, peptide moisturizer, and retinoid Cream.
  • It is best that you first use light-weighted serum following skin actives and put on the barrier moisturizer in the last step.

So, if you are still in your 20’s, you have got this!

Add Ceramides to your skincare routine and use moisturizer for glowing and happy skin.

The Ceramide products are long-lasting that works as a luxury.

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