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Watch Sculptra, Botox and PDO Threadlift Combined

A YouTube subscriber requested a video on Dr. Rajani’s combination treatments. Many practitioners and patients ask Dr. Rajani, Is it good to combine different treatments? Can Sculptra and PDO threads be used together?

Dr. Rajani’s answer is yes. Most of his patients receive a combination of treatments–like the Liquid Facelift. In his new video, he is using a combination of Botox, Sculptra and PDO threads for his patient to achieve a very natural-looking lift. It’s important to properly consult with your patients and come to an understanding of the desired results.

However, some patients do not want filler and in most cases, if a patient wants to address laxity, hollows and sagging skin, some form of filler will be needed to achieve the patient’s desired result. Skin tightening and skin rejuvenation cannot account for loss of volume. These types of treatments cost $2000-$5000, they’re not cheap. It doesn’t feel good to turn away a patient, but that patient will go somewhere else and spend that money and leave unhappy. This is discussed more in Dr. Rajani’s video The Dissatisfied Patient. Often times, it’s combining different treatments as opposed to one or the other.

Dr. Rajani and his patient have decided to use Botox to address her fine lines, Sculptra to fill and stimulate collagen growth which tightens and thickens the skin, and end the treatment with a few PDO threads to lift and straighten out the jaw line to address sagging and heaviness.

First, Dr. Rajani injects Botox into the forehead–carefully keeping in mind to use a low dose to avoid dramatically dropping the brows. He then treats the frown area, crow’s feet and vertical lip lines. In a few days, the patient’s fine lines in the treated areas will fade away.

Then, using a microcannula, Dr. Rajani fills the temples with Sculptra to lift the eyes. He then creates an attractive high cheek to lift the face back up and create a youthful contour. Lastly, Sculptra is injected into the perioral region to straighten the jaw line. Over the next few months the patient’s skin will continue to tighten and build collagen.

For the final touch, Dr. Rajani uses a combination of barbed and smooth PDO threads carefully in a special pattern to help with collagen synthesis and to lift the lower face. Notice in the before and after photo the dramatic improvement in the mouth region. No fillers were placed there yet the corners of the mouth are relaxed and heaviness and fine lines are greatly reduced.

Once Dr. Rajani non-invasively lifts the face and adds volume where it was lost, the next step is to guide the patient to healing and correcting damaged, aging skin. Dr. Rajani’s preferred treatments are platelet-rich-plasma infused treatments, sublative skin rejuvenation, microneedling with growth factors, and of course to put his patients on an appropriate skincare regimen.

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