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DERMAL FILLER FAILURE – Before and After 1 Vial Disappoints

DERMAL FILLER – Before and After 1 Vial

Dermal filler before and after just one vial can disappoint our patients and they believe one vial of filler is a lot of product. When looking at the before and after pictures of 1 vial of dermal filler they may not be able to see any difference. Dr. Rajani discusses what one vial is by showing a visual and reviews why one vial is not enough to rejuvenate a face.

Things to consider with 1 vial of filler:

1. What exactly is a vial of filler? There are different types of filler products on the market including hyaluronic acid fillers to collagen stimulators, even PMMA like Bellafill and PLLA like Sculptra. Vials of filler also come in different sizes, from 1mL to 1.5mL. So when asking the question of what is a vial of filler, the real question is – which one?

2. Type of filler being used – As mentioned, there are many types of fillers that are offered on the market. Some fillers are much better suited to use in specific areas of the face for ultimate facial rejuvenation. When creating angles and youth – keep in mind the placement of the filler whether it be temples, cheeks, lips, jawline, etc. and the patient’s anatomy prior to filling these areas.

3. Age can also be a factor in determining the amount and type of filler to be used. For example, the younger millennial patient may not need as much facial volume compared to the “older” patient in their 40s or 50s, where more vials are needed for full facial rejuvenation. For most patients, 1 vial alone is nearly never enough to obtain the best results and could also be considered a waste of time.

The key to the best facial rejuvenation results is to perform combination treatments. Dr. Rajani combines PlasmaSculpt along with fillers which can create and lead to a very natural look overtime. In perspective, 1 teaspoon is equal to 5 vials of filler, or 5 mL of product. One vial of filler is never enough and will not make a huge difference in the results you want to achieve.

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