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Dr. Rajani gets Injected with Jeuveau

Dr. Rajani’s Experience with Jeuveau

Jeuveau or “Newtox” is the latest wrinkle relaxer to hit the market and Style Aesthetics, located in Portland, Oregon is one of the first practices to offer this new and exciting product to patients.  Jeuveau is a new Botox-like product that can be used to reduce frown lines, crows feet, masseter reduction, fine lines, forehead lines and chin dimpling. Jeuveau is very similar to Botox in molecular size and weight measuring at 900 Kilodaltons, but is recognized to have a quicker onset and longer duration.  

In this video, watch as Dr. Rajani talks about Jeuveau and gets injected with this “New Botox” for the first time.  This new product is especially targeted toward millennials and is a great addition to our toolbox of products to create youth and beauty .  We’re very excited as we continue to use Jeauveau by Evolus in our Portland, Oregon clinic.  

To learn more about our Jeuveau visit our page – click here!

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