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Dr. Rajani Heads to D.C. to Contribute to THE Aesthetic Academy Conference

dermal filler, botox, training, dr rajaniThis coming Saturday, November 15, Dr. Rajani will be teaching  an advanced injectable course at THE Aesthetic Academy Conference.  As a leading practitioner of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine, Dr Rajani is a frequent speaker and contributor at international events.  “It’s by sharing knowledge and research that we gain advancements in our own practices to better serve our patients,” says Dr. Rajani.  “I am always interested in being part of that conversation at the intersection of practice and learning.”

He will also be lecturing on understanding the versatility of core technology as well as the advantages of using a micro-cannula for procedures such as lip augmentation. The micro-cannula technique wards off bruising, pain and complications when injecting fillers, as well as making the procedure much more comfortable for the vast majority of patients.

When not lecturing out-of-state, Dr. Rajani conducts private trainings at the RajaniMD clinic in Portland, Oregon where his practice is also based. Attendees learn about the latest techniques and treatment combination as well as receiving sound business advice about establishing their own practices and the best ways to attract and retain clientele.

To inquiry on how to participate in Dr. Rajani’s training – please call us at 503.303.8313 or email us directly at For further information – click here for trainings. 

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