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Dr. Rajani Partners with Coolsculpting Marketing VP to Debut New Handpiece


CoolSculpting Rajani Portland Oregon Alternative LiposuctionOn February 15, Dr. Rajani gave a joint presentation on Coolsculpting, the revolutionary fat-freezing technology pioneered and produced by Zeltiq, with the company’s senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing Keith J. Sullivan. The occasion for the lecture was San Francisco’s Aesthetic Academy conference, held February 15 through 16 at the Four Seasons Hotel. Coolsculpting is one of the most exciting aesthetic medicine advances in the news today, as evidenced by the robust crowd in attendance at Rajani and Sullivan’s talk. The technique, in which unwanted fat is literally “frozen away” with no incisions or downtime, is a core part of Dr. Rajani’s Portland, Oregon based practice.

In addition to giving the audience of colleagues, interns, and trainees an overview of the technology’s development, process, and results, the co-speakers also introduced a new handpiece that will be available in April 2014.  This new advance allows previously untreatable areas to be addressed by eliminating the need for extra tissue at the treatment site to be drawn into the original applicators via vacuum. The new Coolsmooth handpiece does not rely on suction, and can conform to any area. This means that those with unwanted fat in taut or difficult-to-reach areas can benefit, as well as those for whom very little fat is present.

For more information on CoolSculpting, we invite you for a consult with Dr. Rajani and his expert staff. Find out how CoolSculpting removes fat permanently and is the best alternative to liposuction! Please call us today at 503.303.8313. 

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