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Dr. Rajani’s 3 Tips for the Fall season

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are falling: it’s autumn! Dr. Rajani has a few skincare tips for you to think about to look your best for the upcoming holidays.

  1. Sun spots

As the summer tan begins to fade away, it often reveals brown spots, red spots and blemishes on the skin that you didn’t have before. This is evidence of sun damage and is unavoidable when the skin isn’t protected from UV radiation. The appearance can be quite alarming to some people, the good news is there are options to help you get rid of them. The first thing Dr. Rajani always advises is get on a prescription-grade retinol (RajaniMD Pro-Antioxidant Serum with Retinol) or some retinoic acid product at .05%-0.1%. The key is continuous exfoliation. You do not want your skin in a constant state of inflammation however, so it is important to use these products sparingly and not over-do them. People who use retin-A’s or retinols have a better, younger appearance to their skin than people who don’t use retinoic acid products. To add a pow! to your homecare, you can pair your retinol with our RajaniMD Clarifying Cleanser to reduce the size of your pores.

  1. Resurfacing

Our skin goes through a lot: sun exposure, pollutants in the air, misusing products, makeup, waxing, plucking, aging, and the list goes on! So you can imagine what your skin may look like under a magnifying glass: lines, sun spots, uneven-tone and texture. Often times people need something a little stronger to resurface their skin–something they can get at their local physician’s office. Here at RajaniMD we offer many different approaches to skin-resurfacing such as: IPL treatments to fade brown spots, chemical peels for evening tone and texture, microneedling facials using powerful growth factors to promote collagen growth and polish the skin, and injectables like our popular PRP under-eye treatment–Dr. Rajani will draw your blood, spin it down and separate your very own platelet-rich-plasma and inject it under the eye to promote collagen growth and thicken the dermis, it’s pretty potent stuff. We package together treatments that our customized for our patient’s needs.

  1. High Cheek

Dr. Rajani’s favorite: giving you back your high-cheekbones. As we age, both men and women lose volume by means of bone loss and fat loss which causes the face to “slide”. This gives us deeper nasolabial folds, pre jowl sulcus, and contributes to more fine lines and wrinkles–that saggy, tired look. Dr. Rajani recreates or enhances your cheekbone to pick the face back up, straightens the jawline and gives you a much more youthful, natural appearance. Depending on what you want, Dr. Rajani can also use a little bit of filler right along the edge of the brow which lifts the edge of the eye and looks really nice.

Now that you have Dr. Rajani’s tips for fall, you can start planning your aesthetic journey before the holiday season. Like us on facebook, follow Dr. Rajani on his You-Tube channel.

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