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Facelift or PDO threads

Facelift vs. Thread Lift

Doctor Rajani discusses his opinions on PDO threads, how he uses them in his practice, and how
he selects patients that will receive the best outcome. As Doctor Rajani travels and trains
practitioners around the world, he hears a lot of feedback about PDO threads. He hears how
patients love them or hate them, how they have possibly caused pain and how some patients
believe they should have saved the money and scheduled a face lift instead. He addresses these
concerns and discusses what makes the perfect candidate for PDO threads.

PDO threads have been used around the world for dozens of years. They are absorbable
polydioxanone threads (similar to those used in medical suturing) that are implanted into the
subcutaneous layer of the skin using small needles. PDO threads dissolve in in 4-6 months after
creating collagen in the site they were implanted. They come in barbed and smooth forms. The
barbed form does create an immediate lift then dissolves and build collagen. The smooth form
creates a nice glow to the skin, collagen and a bit of volume.

Here are FIVE ways to know if you are a good candidate for PDO threads:

1. You don’t have too much excessive loose skin. If you can pull your skin an inch and a
half or more by the ear, you may be better suited for a facelift. With excessive loose
skin, the thread won’t have enough lift or power to give you the results you desire.

2. You have good volume, but you need a little tension or pull. Threads will create pull and
collagen stimulation creating beautiful angles in the face.

3. Youthful or younger candidates will have a better response to the threads and collagen
stimulation. Youthful candidates are more likely to have healthy, young skin that is ready
for PDO threads. Healthy skin that is well cared for will generate the best results.

4. You are a good candidate if you are willing to repeat the procedure. If you repeat in 4-8
weeks you will get the best results. There will be a relaxation or laxity in the thread over
two months because the face is dynamic. Also, the thread will become soft in 4-6 weeks
and repeating the procedure will help to continue to build collagen. If there is a patient
who doesn’t need the procedure repeated, send them home and try to repeat it in 6-8

5. If you have already had a facelift. People are surprised to hear this, but facelift patients
are some of the best PDO thread candidates! This is because patients who have had
facelifts find themselves wanting little adjustments made. These patients may want a little
more lift, tightness or pull. Threads can be used in the face or neck to make these

Maintaining your skin over time will give you the best possible, most natural results. Allowing
you to keep your skin and body beautiful, healthy and vibrant.


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