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How to Find Your Aesthetic Injector

Finding the Best Aesthetic Injector For You

Often times patients ask “Do you have any recommendations for treatment providers?” Unfortunately, we don’t have a referral list and it can be difficult to find a good match of providers or clinics that can address your aesthetic needs. In this video Dr. Rajani shares his advice on how to find the best fit for you.

What to look for in an injector or a practice:

1. Style – You can choose an injector based on their knowledge and their expertise on the procedure. Not only should your provider have these qualities, but their style is also very important. With style, you want to make sure an injector’s ideas and mindset matches yours and that they are receptive to your treatment needs. Communication is key with your provider to ensure what they can provide for you closely resembles your own beliefs and aesthetic desires.

2. Setting – There are many different settings in the aesthetic world that can provide the same types of treatments, and each setting that provides these services can mean different to everyone whether it be a private clinic, a medical office, or a boutique clinic. There are various settings in which aesthetic services can be provided. There is no one standard.

3. The Procedure – Many providers have different styles of how they perform their treatments and procedures.

Dr. Rajani further discusses 3 main factors on how to make your decision when choosing an injector and clinic:

1. Consult: Dr. Rajani recommends getting 3 consults without the idea of getting treated to get a feel for the clinic and injector who may potentially perform your procedure. The consult is also a great way to evaluate their style and see if your ideas and outcomes are congruent with the provider.

2. Passion & Education: If your injector has a great passion for their work, they will also spend a great amount of time educating you on the treatment. These two qualities are a very important factor when choosing an injector because when your injector is committed to continuing education in aesthetics, they will also exude that passion through their work.

3. Start small: When considering treatment, you do not need to start with full face rejuvenation and spend a lot of money in one clinic. Start with the consult and a small treatment. Then evaluate if you like the outcome of your results, see how they follow up, and if the location of the clinic and provider is right for you. It is very common for patients to choose a clinic and injector based on a before and after picture. Before and after photos are a great point of reference. However, it is important to keep in mind that the results from pictures of one patient may not reflect the same results for another patient. Every patient is unique, and reaction to products, results, outcomes, and healing will vary. Choosing a clinic based on patient photos is very common but can be a road to failure in most cases.

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