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Five Aesthetic Obsessions and How to Treat Them

Five Aesthetic Obsessions – How To Treat

Often times patients come in and they will be looking at things that their provider or injector may
not be as concerned with. It is most important to not look at one thing in particular, but looking
globally at the whole picture. People most commonly come into our clinic asking to look
younger and remain natural, however they are often focused on one specific area.
Doctor Rajani discusses the FIVE most common aesthetic obsessions and how we are able to
treat them:

1. A specific line or fold, for example the smile lines. Often the patient has lost weight, is
thin and active, or the patient is aging and losing volume from the area in front of the ear
known as the preauricular area. Treating smile lines often doesn’t include filling those
lines specifically but replacing lost volume throughout the face globally with PDO
threads, PlasmaSculpt and replacing volume throughout the face.

2. The downturn of the mouth or the “RBF”. We can often make an 80% improvement, but
a patient will still only see the 20% that remains. The downturn of the mouth is often
caused by a multitude of elements including fat hypertrophy, bone loss, hyper dynamics
of the muscle, loss of lip volume and loss of volume in the face. It is so much more
complex than many patients assume. You have to address this concern globally as well,
addressing the entire face. Treating this area may include neuromodulators like Botox,
fillers, PlasmaSculpt, PlasmaGLO and PDO threads.

3. The necklace lines, or the horizontal lines that go along the neck region. This is not about
crepey skin or platysma banding. People of all ages have these lines, even in youth. There
are treatments like filling the lines or PlasmaGLO, but they aren’t long term solutions.
The doctor believes that these lines wont age you, and urges patients stop obsessing over
them .

4. Multiple brown spots or one specific brown spot. The doctor recommends not focusing
on brown spots, but instead readjusting focus to your overall glow. This means the
projection of light coming from the face, the pore size, the projection, the tone all coming
together to create youthful skin. Treating the whole face multiple times with PlasmaGLO
or lasers will help to decrease brown spots but Doctor Rajani insists to stop obsessing
with the spots and focus on creating a beautiful glow.

5. The undereye. It may be a minimal smile line that presents under the eye or a small
amount of fat. This is often caused by a multitude of elements including bone loss,
rotation of the bone, fat pads, ligaments, laxity of skin and collagen. There is the double
bubble, or the mallar pad and palpebral pad that patients are also unhappy with. This
undereye obsession is usually over one single line that forms with a smile. If you treat
this line with skin tightening treatments or filler it will look funky or unnatural. We can
treat hollows in the tear trough or midface that does create an aged look. We prefer to
treat with Platelet Rich Fibrin and a cannula technique.

The main takeaway from this blog post is to think globally as Doctor Rajani does. Consider the
entire face and treatments that can be done to create youthfulness and glow overall. This gives
the natural look people are striving for. Maintaining your skin over time will give you the best
possible, most natural results. Allowing you to keep your skin and body beautiful, healthy and

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