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How to Fix PDO Thread Lift Puckering Complications

How to Fix Visible PDO Thread Dimpling and Nodules

PDO Thread Lift Complications do occur and dimpling, puckering and thread visibility are often the most troubling to patients and physicians. These complications can be applied to PDO, PCA and PLLA threads. Most providers choose PDO threads as they are dissolvable, therefore making this problem only temporary. The best way to avoid PDO thread complications is to obtain the right training in how to properly and safely place these threads.

Prevention and treatment is important and Dr. Rajani reviews prevention and how to fix these complications:

Correct placement is key – Placing the threads deep enough and not too superficial is crucial to preventing any complications. Another thing to keep in mind – Before cutting the thread, have your patient animate facial expressions. Any irregularities noted at that time is a perfect indication to unzip and adjust. Molded threads can be slightly more difficult to unzip and adjust but is still possible.

Quality of threads – Be sure to get your threads from a reputable source. Extensive engineering is put into producing quality threads which will provide the best results. When purchasing products from unknown sources, sterility and other factors are questionable.

Experience – Complications are part of the process and do occur no matter how well they are placed. If you haven’t experienced any complications with threads, it may be that you have not performed much of the procedure. The literature states that 18% of threads will pucker. With proper training, complications can reduce by 70%.

What can we do to fix any complications:

1. Prevention – Easiest way to prevent any complications is to simply just prevent it from happening, or easily do nothing as the threads will resorb and soften overtime.

2. Viora ST uses bipolar radiofrequency for skin tightening. This is a great treatment as it heats the thread, unzips it, and softens the area of placement.

3. By using a microcannula, we can undermine around the thread to loosen and help rid the pucker created by the thread. Swelling may occur with this minimally invasive procedure but will heal eventually.

4. Water breaks down the thread – A provider in Central America is currently working on dissolver for this product.

5. Removal of thread – By taking an 18 gauge needle, you can pierce the skin to create an opening and manipulate the area to retrieve the thread with a forceps and pull. Pulling the thread can create some discomfort, but removing the thread can be an option.

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