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Get Cheap Lip Filler- How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Should I Pay for Lip Filler?

Providers who work in an aesthetic clinic or practice will get the question multiples times daily, “How much is your lip filler?” In this blog post, we discuss lip filler and cost. While pricing is a great question, there are more important questions that should be asked first.

Doctor Rajani discusses the important questions patients should be asking.

Who is going to be injecting my lip filler? Does this person have a medical license? Are they a medical practitioner? How were they trained? How long have they been performing this
procedure? Are they well versed in lip fillers?

What product is being put into the lips? Are you using a product that creates a permanent lip
augmentation? Or are you using a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) lip filler? The majority of patients and providers will choose a HA filler that is easily dissolvable and that will be a little bit safer. With that being said, there are multiple Hyaluronic Acid products available. Your provider should be able to educate you on the different HA fillers available and your injector should be able to recommend which one is best for the look you are trying to achieve. If you have already had lip filler in the past, mention what product you have used and what you liked or disliked about it.

Lip filler procedures are not sterile but clean procedures. It is important that the setting is clean. A medical office setting may be cleaner than a home setting and this is something to keep in mind. Knowing where you are having the procedure done is very important for your safety. Also, where is the product going to be injected? What planes? These include superficial, deep, the cupids bow, widening, adding filler into the chin projection or injecting into the vermillion border. Where you inject the product will determine what the look and end result is.

Price should come after these important questions. The reality is many legitimate clinics in the United States will come with a higher price. That price often comes with service and value. The service and value provided are important because it will include your follow-up care and making sure you get a great look that you are satisfied with. The best aesthetic practices will follow you over an extended period of time, following your personal progression and journey through aesthetics, making sure you get the end result you desire.

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