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Get Lip Filler – 8 Good Reasons To Get Lip Filler

What are eight good reasons to get lip filler in Portland Oregon?
Doctor Rajani discusses lip filler and eight great reasons to get treated!

  1. To achieve a beautiful look! Today, we have access to great products that are safe, long lasting and effective. Patients can boost their confidence and achieve their desired look.
  2. To reduce the appearance of a gummy smile. Gummy smiles occur most commonly because of a short upper lip. They may also appear because of excessive gum tissue or small teeth. Adding lip filler, sometimes in combination with a neuromodulator, can help to improve a gummy smile. Getting lip filler for this reason in particular allows patients to smile more and feel more confident.
  3. To increase lip projection. In a youthful lip, you may notice a sharp vermillion border and a nice forward projection. As we age, the lip will lose projection and the vermillion border will soften in appearance.
  4. To shorten the distance between the nose and the top lip. With age, the bone in the maxilla involutes and as that happens the distance between the nose and the top lip lengthens. Shortening this distance creates a more youthful look and a more attractive angle.
  5. To enhance the vermillion border. Vertical lip lines or “smokers lines” appear with age. Patients with lighter skin tones may start noticing them as soon as their mid to late twenties. Prevention is key because once they start setting in by their thirties or forties they are more difficult to treat.
  6. To decrease the downturn of the mouth. Physiologically, people become less confident, less approachable and feel as though they are approached differently once a downturn of the mouth presents. As we lose volume in the lateral portion of the lip, the mouth wants to turn down. Adding lip filler laterally can create a more neutral look or a natural looking upturn.
  7. To increase symmetry. Everyone is naturally asymmetric, but with lip filler we can create a more symmetrical look. With lip filler you want to focus on improving a volume asymmetry and not a motor asymmetry.
  8. To create a wider smile. This trend began in the seventies and eighties but today, we are looking for a wide smile that has increased volume in the lips. This is done by adding volume laterally.

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