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Goodbye, double chin! Hello, Kybella!

Collagen, the most abundant protein found in the human body that is vital to the skin’s firmness and elasticity, reduces with age and the face begins to settle below the jawline, creating what is most commonly known as the double chin. The excess fat underneath the chin area is a common problem for many people. The double chin many times is associated with an unhealthy appearance and lifestyle and removing this is a desirable aesthetic look for many patients.

In the above short video, Dr. Anil Rajani introduces a nonsurgical solution that is injected into the jawline to permanently reduce the fat that forms under the chin. Used alone or alongside other treatments, Kybella removes fat cells and tightens the skin to create a beautifully flawless jawline.

Click here for before and after photos to see how Kybella is changing the face of Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Medicine and how you too can regain your youth!”

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