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Growth Factor Skin Care

You may have heard people talk about growth factor skin care; however, many people do not have a good understanding of this particular process. Today, it is important to take a look at growth factor skin care and whether it is an effective addition to your skin care routine.

Growth factors are types of proteins that work together with cytokines to send signals to the body. There are a number of signals that these things send including to decrease inflammation, improve collagen, and decrease negative factors that damage collagen and promote aging. In other words, growth factor skin care treatment is effective in helping use your body’s natural processes to promote great skin and decrease the impact of aging. Essentially, it promotes positive signals and dampens negative ones.

The reality is that growth factor skin care is certainly worth it. When I look at patients who have engaged in skin care with growth factors, I have noticed skin that is tighter with more glow and a better complexion overall. This is easily noticeable in before and after photos as well as when using 3D imaging. It makes it quite clear that growth factors are very powerful.

In fact, I would argue that growth factor skin care plays a very important role as both a daily routine and post procedure. We all know that having a skin care routine is important in maintaining healthy skin. Adding growth factors skin care as a component of this routine will strengthen the effects and promote beautiful skin.

My favorite growth factor serum utilizes 80-90% growth factors from bone marrow stem cell media as well as other healthy substances such as salicylic acid and peptides which are so important for maintaining healthy skin. When paired with an accelerator, this has yielded a huge improvement in my patients’ complexion.

If you are interested in improving the complexion of your skin, I highly recommend investing in growth factor skin care as part of your typical routine. You will see excellent results and take years off of your age due to harnessing your body’s natural signals.

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