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What is in a vial of filler?

How much filler will you actually need? Whether the filler is used to augment,enhance or restore, most dermal fillers contain an average of 1 ML of product per syringe. Have you ever baked homemade cookies and mixed up the measurements for the baking soda? 1 Tsp can be the difference between flat and fabulous! So it goes with exacting the appropriate proportion of youth reactivator(dermal filler).

How much is 1 ML?
In Dr. Rajani’s latest You tube video he demonstrates with modeling clay what 1 ML of filler actually looks like and also how 5 ML,or five syringes looks by comparison. Five syringes is the equivalence of 1 tsp. of modeling clay.
When filling one area such as nasal labial folds, cheekbones or lips then 1 ML can commonly be sufficient for a nice result.

However, for a full face it is generally not enough for a well balanced restoration that embodies beauty. It’s almost impossible to create a nice result with 1 ML for people over the age of 30.

Why is this true? It is not commonly realized how little 1 ML actually is in terms of facial volume. 5 ML’s would considerably be the bare minimum amount of product to use for a truly restorative result due to the amount of volume loss that has transpired.
By the age of 40 most people have already lost 5 syringes of facial volume, more or less determined by lifestyle and hereditary factors. You can learn how to prevent this by watching Dr. Rajani’s other anti-aging skincare videos on his You tube channel

Dr. Anil Rajani is located in Portland, Oregon in the Pearl district. He has is a master at creating and restoring natural beauty and specializes in determining just the right recipe for your own unique needs. We invite you to schedule a state of the art complementary 3D consultation with him by calling (503)303-8313

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