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How to Fix Down Turned Lips or Down turned Mouth

Down Turned Lips/Mouth Correction

The oral commissures, also known as the marionette lines creates the look of the downturn of the mouth, or permafrown, or “RBF” look that patients often seek out to get corrected. Some individuals may not like it because they are perceived angry when they are actually happy and it can affect how people react or portray a person’s character. Those who seek correction range from patients in their 20’s who may not necessarily have a problem yet and seek prevention, to patients who may already need a facelift. Early prevention for correction is key. Dr. Rajani reviews treatment options for the downturn of the mouth and lips and furthermore discusses what to keep in mind with treatment devices like radiofrequency.

Treatment Options

Injectables: Correction of the downturn of the mouth with fillers is a staple for many injectors. This can be done by the bolus technique with the addition of neuromodulators like Botox, PDO threads with barb to create lift, and filling the preauricular area with Plasmasculpt. It is important to be mindful of how much is injected to the oral commissures region as it can create too much of an unnatural look.

Radiofrequency (RF): Radiofrequency devices work by heating the skin while simultaneously working to shrink fat cells, build collagen, and tighten skin. This type of treatment adds a very important factor in combination with injectables.

Five things to keep in mind with Radiofrequency include:

1. Results– Results from devices are rarely instantly noticeable. Radiofrequency is an excellent treatment that can produce amazing results. However, the best treatment outcomes occur and can be seen overtime.

2. Minimally invasive– Radiofrequency is a minimally invasive treatment and rarely do devices cause patient discomfort. For optimal aesthetic results, several treatments are usually needed.

3. Combination therapy– A combination of injectable products and radiofrequency will always yield the best aesthetic results. Providers may propose multiple therapies, which only suggests the greatest and most natural looking outcomes.

4. Multiple frequencies– Being able to treat into the deeper depths of the skin and tissue with the radiofrequency device is a great way to target results that altogether promote dermal thickening, collagen building, and skin tightening.

5. Provider– Some patients may not observe the results they expected. A good percentage of results come from not only the products used during the treatment, but from the provider themselves. With devices like Radiofrequency, it is essential for patients to communicate with the provider performing the procedure on how they are feeling during the treatment to ensure that the right depths and temperature are used so that the best results can be

Radiofrequency is a great addition to many treatments that produces great results for many aesthetic corrections. There are many options that work in harmony to improve the downturn of the mouth and lips. This includes combination therapy with Plasmasculpt, Sculptra, fillers, Botox and PDO threads, along with devices that shrink fat and Kybella.

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