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How to Make Your Botox Last Longer

Everyone likes to look good for longer, right? This is the case with many things, but definitely procedures like Botox. Fortunately, there is a hack that can be used in order to make your Botox last longer and get greater longevity, saving you time, effort, and money with your anti-aging solution.

It is important to note that this hack needs to be used in the correct areas. You’ll want to use it either around the eyes or in the frown area. This isn’t a technique that you’ll want to use in the forehead as it can cause a droop or around prominent facial features as you don’t want to risk spread of effect that can treat unwanted muscles and effect how you speak or look.

The hack to make your Botox last longer is high dose neurotoxins, which involves injecting a higher than normal dose of Botox during your treatment. If you do this in these areas, you will typically see twice the duration of treatment providing lasting fine line reduction. This typically involves a decrease in the reconstituted volume as well in order to avoid spread of effect to untargeted muscles.

An important consideration for getting higher doses of neurotoxins is to ensure that you are using a professional that is experienced and able to do it effectively. Typical Botox doses are prescribed based on careful studies to ensure optimal effectiveness. Thus, increasing the neurotoxin dose means that a practitioner must be able to do the treatment without creating any unintended side effects.

Botox works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles, preventing muscles from contracting. This is how it serves to produce wrinkle reduction. However, there are important muscles that you want to ensure continue to operate appropriately. Thus, an experienced doctor will be able to ensure that a higher dose will target only the affected area, creating fine line reduction without unintended effects.

There are products that will be entering the market in the future that will have a six-month duration; however, those who have done Botox a long time have a lot of experience playing with dosing and reconstitution to create highly concentrated doses. Thus, we are able to maximize the anti-aging effect.

This hack will be more expensive. In fact, it will cost about twice the typical amount as you are getting twice the neurotoxin. However, you will also get up to twice the duration which will greatly save you time and convenience.

If you are interested in this hack during the next treatment of your frown or eye areas, contact Dr. Rajani or your Botox provider today!

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