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I JUST WANT MY FACE BACK !! Filler Gone Wrong

LEASE Be careful where you go and what you get done.
I just want my face back’: Woman, 34, reveals she has been left DEFORMED and ‘psychologically damaged’ after getting botched knock-off filler from a DENTIST in Brazil

Mariana Michelini, 34, from Matao, Brazil, was injected with what she thought was hyaluronic acid in December 2020
But she said it turned out to be a different chemical called polymethyl methacrylate, which resulted in her face becoming permanently disfigured
The PMMA made her skin become swollen and puffy – and she has since undergone three different surgical procedures in an attempt to fix the damage

Mariana has documented the entire ordeal on her social media account – in an attempt to make sure that no one else has ‘to go through it’
She has also recently sued the professional who gave her the injections, explaining that she is ‘psychologically broken’ and ‘just wants her face back’

The dentist who performed the procedure has filed two lawsuits – one to prohibit her identity from being shared, and another accusing Mariana of defamation

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