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Injecting Dermal Filler to Correct Lip Lines

Correcting “Smoker” Lip Lines

Injecting dermal filler to help correct vertical lip lines otherwise known as smoker’s lines, or simply lip lines is a common request at aesthetic clinics. Lips can be a challenge; Filling above the lips can be tricky as it can bring the top lip out too far forward, creating projection that looks very fake and unnatural and the possibility of losing the beautiful “ski jump” that everyone loves.  When done properly, filling lip lines and adding Botox like products, PDO threads, and topical skin care can be used to create a very natural appearance. In this video, Dr. Rajani demonstrates how to remove those stubborn and pesky lines through several methods: the linear threading technique and bolus technique.   

Bolus Technique– Injecting very superficial is key when using this technique of injections for lip lines.  Using a Hyaluronic Acid filler, lightly dropping micro doses of filler along the lip lines helps to expand the tissue and soften those lines.

Linear Threading Technique – Starting at the base of the vermillion border, lip lines can be injected vertically and filler can be deposited through antegrade and retrograde injections.  

Combination treatments are always best. Fillers and neuromodulators like Botox are key to  creating beauty and youth. When communicating with a patient or a friend and you notice those lip lines starting to form, it’s important to address this common concern with them as it will be much easier to correct early on before they get etched into the skin permanently.  As Dr. Rajani says, “Friends don’t let friends get vertical lip lines!” 

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