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Jeuveau Injections for a Millennial Patient

Jeuveau Injections

Aesthetic treatments are increasing in popularity with today’s millennials. More than ever, younger patients are now the most common presenting patient population at aesthetic clinics, especially in Portland Oregon and around the country. Safety and effectiveness of treatments are extremely important to this age group and they are well aware of the benefits and importance of skin care. 

Evolus, the makers of Jeuveau or “NewTox” has done an exceptional job in targeting this audience with this new product. Common areas to treat with Jeuveau for first time patients include the glabellar complex to open up the eyes and give a lifted and rested look, and the forehead.  Injecting the forehead can potentially cause lowering of the brows, so it is important to start with a light dose, staying high and injecting in a mild “V” pattern to slow down movement.

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are other neuromodulators that are offered in our Portland clinic.  Watch this video to see Dr. Rajani inject Jeuveau, the “New Botox” on the market, to reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles in a first time treated millennial patient.

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