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Juvederm Ultra XC Just Approved by FDA for Perioral Rejuvenation

Dr. Rajani reveals the FDA has just cleared Juvederm Ultra XC for lip augmentation–watch him in his new video inject the lips and talk about the best uses for Juvederm Ultra XC for perioral rejuvenation.

Lines around the mouth, or vertical lip lines, can really age a person’s face as they get older–everyone gets them at some point in their lives and its best to treat them early on before they really get etched into the skin. Look into the mirror and articulate movement of the mouth, do you see unsightly lines forming? That is prime time to begin treatment. Waiting too long makes it harder for your injector to remove them without looking unnatural.

Like most treatments, most people don’t want others to know their lips have been augmented–and depending on your injector, keeping the perioral region looking natural is quite easy with Juvederm Ultra XC.

To learn more, visit Dr. Rajani’s YouTube channel or schedule an appointment to visit him – call today at 503.303.8313

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