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Khloe Kardashian – The New Face of Allergan’s Kybella Campaign

We are thrilled to hear Khloe Kardashian will be hosting Allergan’s media event in for Kybella to kick off their double chin campaign.

RajaniMD-Kybella-Double-Chin-Shot-Non-Surgical-Chinlift-Oregon-PortlandDr. Rajani was one of the first practitioners in the Pacific Northwest to offer Kybella to his patients. Kybella is an injection administered by a specially trained doctor to treat submental fullness–more commonly referred to as “the double chin”. It’s active ingredient is deoxycholic acid which is found naturally in the body. It’s function? It destroys fat cells! Forever! The treatment is very quick and is done right in the office. No surgery, no knives, only injections. A few sessions may be necessary depending on the severity of submental fullness.

Many people though still don’t know Kybella exists, despite it being the first of its kind approved by the FDA and brought to you by Allergan–the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company that invented Botox and other mainstream fillers. With the lovely Khloe Kardashian kicking off the campaign, that’s going to change. We think Khloe is the perfect choice to host such an exciting event!

The idea is Khloe will be able to bring the spotlight to Kybella and more people will be aware that they too can treat their double chin and don’t need surgery. Enhance your selfies and get rid of your double chin today!

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