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Lift Your Brows and Open Your Eyes… With Botox?

Reshaping the eyebrow is one of the oldest beauty treatments known, with techniques like threading, waxing, and kohl dating back to Biblical times. Even the ancients knew how a shapely brow could change a face!  Now, in keeping with his many other innovations, Dr. Rajani is pioneering a new application for the popular neuromodulator Botox. Strategic application along the browline, as opposed to on the forehead itself, can have a lifting, refreshing effect on the brow area.

“Many patients mistakenly think that Botox to the forehead will lift the brow, when in fact the opposite is true,” Dr. Rajani points out. “The muscles of the forehead are in fact responsible for raising the eyebrows, so diminishing their movement can result in a droopier appearance.”

However counterintuitive it may seem, expert application of Botox to the under-brow muscles has a lifting effect on the entire brow area, creating a more alert, awake expression. Because so little product is necessary to achieve the desired effect, this treatment is a unique and cost-effective way to maintain a youthful appearance.

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